How to style a gown in 5 easy ways

July 6, 2019

Gowns are an all-time favorite for festive occasions. They never go out of style! Nowadays, they come in many shapes for specific body types. This includes asymmetrical gowns to add flair to your moments or an A-line gown that makes you look lean. Some of the best styles are inverted basque with the hemline at the waist and is great for taller women because the long skirt gives a sleek, curvy look. No matter which gown you want to adorn, we have some hacks that ensure that your entire outfit falls into place.

1. A good pair of earrings.This one may seem like a no-brainer at first but, it’s no less than rocket science. You don’t want to go with earrings that overshadow the rest of the look. You also don’t want to go with something that is too simple and doesn’t complement the rest of the attire. You want to be in the sweet spot of good contrast and the right style. You can rarely go wrong with diamond studs. They give you the right amount of bling to go with a gown. If you want to try a more chic look, you can go for silver or golden danglers depending on the color of the outfit.

2. High-heels vs. ShoesSome people, for the sake of comfort, have started wearing sneakers under their gowns. We say it’s a great idea! If you have a long evening and a lot of going around, and most importantly a gown long enough to hide your feet, then get sneaky and wear your sneakers under your gown! But, high heels can give you several advantages. First, it ensures that you look taller and the gown is fitted correctly lengthwise and doesn’t come under your feet. If avoiding heels is impossible, but you don’t want to compromise on comfort- you can go with wedge heels. They will give you the needed elevation and ensure you are comfortable all evening.

3. Experiment with accessories.Earrings are just one part of the accessory game, then comes bracelets, watches and neck pieces. There are various in which combining all the elements can go wrong, but one way that will ensure that you get it right- be minimalistic. Gowns in themselves have a lot of elements and accessories that are too loud, or too many can end up spoiling the game. So pick only one or two suitable accessories that complement each other. Trinkets or delicate bracelets with diamond studs can be a good option.

4. A good hairdo.This one can change the look of the entire outfit. You can pin up your hair in a bun or leave them open. Using hair accessories can be an excellent addition so that your hair is consistent with the bling of the rest of the outfit. This is something that you can be flexible with. However, going sleek with neatly tied hair can help you draw attention to the right elements of your outfit and not make it feel overdone.

5. What to do with the makeup?One of the most challenging parts of putting together an outfit is the makeup. As far as gowns are concerned, you can keep your makeup light. A complimentary eye shadow, a subtle winged eyeliner, and a lipstick that complements your skin tone can be an excellent way to go. Light blush and a well-done contour can bring out the natural elements of your face.

Now go, slay at the next celebration!

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